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Our Funniest Sleep Deprivation Stories

Being a new parent is hard, there’s no doubt about that. Every time your baby cries, it’s up to you to fix it. But what needs fixing? Are they hungry? Do they need changing? Are they lonely? Is Mercury in retrograde? How are parents expected to know all of this? As you muddle your way through this thing they call ‘parenthood’, there is always one thing you are sure of: you have never felt so tired and in need of a few zzz’s in your whole life.

While sleep deprivation can cause a whole lot of angst and sadness, for some of us, the depths of sleep deprivation can also bring about a series of amusing fails that can make you laugh in the face of their utter ridiculousnesss...

To remind you that you are not alone in these experiences, we’ve chosen a few of our favourite stories from our wonderful Facebook followers to bring you a laugh. So grab a cuppa, find 3 minutes of alone time, and enjoy!

What's the strangest thing you've done whilst sleep deprived?


Some mums, like Alana Werner and Tegan Smith, tried to unlock their house with their car key. Others (Lydia Kagesh) accidentally poured juice into their tea because they thought it was milk. However, at least Lydia was able to text her friends about it, whereas Karen Wride lost her phone when she accidentally put her mobile in the microwave instead of the baby bottle and cooked it! 

funny quite


Speaking of cooking things- have you ever had toasted Weetbix? Karyn Grima has- because she put them in the toaster, turned around to get the milk and then wondered to herself why she couldn’t find her breakfast anywhere!

Shell Andrews got herself into a bit of a slippery situation during her sleep deprivation- she sprayed her whole kitchen (benches, cupboards, doors, fridge, TV remote and door handles!) with cooking spray instead of Eucalyptus spray! In her defence, both come in green bottles!

Bottle mix-up isn’t a new thing for parents though, and Del Renton has a story we’re sure many of you can relate to. Del shampooed her hair with shower gel and rinsed it out. Confused at why her hair wasn’t sudsing, she shampooed again… and then again. Not achieving the shiny clean hair that she wanted, Del gave up and then accidentally conditioned her body with her hair mask. To top it all off, instead of finishing up with deodorant, Del sprayed herself with room spray. We feel you, Del!

funny quote 2

Sleep deprivation doesn’t just affect mums though- dads suffer from it too! Deepa Gopinath told us a story about how her 5-month-old daughter woke up crying one night. Deepa got out of bed to settle her when her husband sat bolt upright in bed and said “Here, give her to me and go check on the other one”… but they only have one child!

Whilst we’d love to compile these kinds of stories forever, the truth is that sleep deprivation isn’t a lot of fun when you’re the one experiencing it. That’s why we recommend putting your baby to sleep in our Swaddle Up™ swaddle for sleep time. 83% of parents reported almost DOUBLE the sleep* when using it- making it a must for parents wanting to avoid the kinds of mishaps we’ve shared here.

*Source: Survey of 1,242 Australian LOVE TO DREAM™ consumers, July 2017