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Lead With Love 

At Love To Dream™, family is at the heart of everything we do. To honour this, we’re committed to partnering with charity organisations that support families impacted by early infant death, bereavement, miscarriage, and still birth (like The Pink Elephant Network and First Candle).

Over the last years we have proudly partnered with a number of charity partners around the world raise awareness for matters that are close to our heart. to raise awareness of charities close to our heart

Little Rockers

In May 2020 we announced our partnership with Little Rockers Radio; a partnership made in sleep heaven. We were working together to deliver more sleep to parents, whilst making a difference to families in need around Australia.

Little Rockers Radio isn’t just your average kids radio station- they are a social impact organisation who deliver kid-friendly radio that helps makes a difference in the lives of many. By tuning in to Little Rockers Radio you contribute towards improving the health of current and future generations of children; as Little Rocker’s profits go to charity and impact partners. One of their major partners is an amazing charity called The Nappy Collective, whose mission is to ensure all disadvantaged babies have the nappies they need to be clean, healthy and happy.


Little Rockers


Donation of A$500,000 in Sleep Wear

In May 2019 we marked the 10th anniversary of LOVE TO DREAM™ by giving back to struggling Australian families, as our way of thanking each and every one of you that has supported us over the last 10 years and helped us to reach this huge milestone.

After finding out that due to extreme poverty, as many as 1 in 6 families* can't afford to provide basic necessities for their babies, including warm clothing and sleep garments, we felt compelled to help. We teamed up with fourteen amazing charities all around Australia and provided a donation of up to half a million dollars’ worth of swaddles, sleep bags and sleep suits to help keep babies around Australia warm.

Hana Krawchuk donating sleep wear


PANDA - raising awareness for Perinatal Anxiety & Depression

In November 2018, we raised over $5000 to support PANDA in their efforts to raise awareness for Perinatal Anxiety & Depression in Australia. It affects 1 in 5 families and therefore a huge portion of our audience. Find out more about PANDA.

PANDA - raise awareness for Perinatal Anxiety & Depression