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Medical research suggests that swaddling is beneficial in helping newborns sleep better.

Unlike traditional swaddles that keep a baby's arms by their side or across their chest, the unique ARMS UP™ design of our SWADDLE UP™ has patented 'wings' that allow a baby to sleep in their natural ARMS UP™ position. This means your baby can easily touch their face and suck on their hands and fingers for true SELF-SOOTHING™.

The unique design of the LOVE TO DREAM™ SWADDLE UP™ allows you to swaddle your baby easily and is safer than using a blanket:

  • No excess or loose fabric which can become a suffocation hazard 
  • ARMS UP™ position may help reduce the risk of baby rolling over
  • 'Hip-healthy' design allows the recommended flexion for hips and legs to move freely
  • Single layer of breathable fabric may reduce the risk of overheating versus multiple blanket layers

How to choose the right size

It's important to know that the correct size SWADDLE UP™ is based on baby's current weight, not age or length. You can see below what the perfect fit looks like: