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Self-Soothing Toy

Lyric Orange


The Love To Dream™ Self Soothing Toy is designed to encourage self-soothing behaviors and helps baby learn how to self regulate their emotional state though clever integration of sensory cues.

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Self Soothing
  • Designed to encourage self-soothing behaviors, which are often developed from birth and help to foster independence throughout a child’s normal stages of development
  • Helps baby learn how to self regulate their emotional state though clever integration of sensory cues
  • Lyric The Fox ™ is created for higher energy children who need a little extra stimulation to self-soothe. This character features bright colors and tactile fabrications to encourage engagement and play.
  • Tactile plush cord and soothing satin fabric
  • Gently weighted to encourage a sense of calm
  • Retracting tail for engaging play
  • The Self-Soothing range has been developed under the guidance and support of Senior Pediatric Occupational Therapist Emily Saunderson
  • Remove all packaging prior to giving toy to child
  • *Suitable for ages 0+. Soft toys should never be placed in the sleeping environment. Soft objects in cot can be a suffocation risk
  • Filling: Plastic Pellets, Polyester Fibre

  • Cold hand wash. 
  • Do not bleach, soak, or rub. 
  • Do not iron or dry clean. 
  • Dry thoroughly before reuse or storage.

Our aim at LOVE TO DREAM is to empower parents to choose the right products from our range that best suit their children’s needs. Every baby feels hot and cold differently to another, ambient temperatures fluctuate, and different clothing and sleepwear layer combinations will differ in their thermal effectiveness. These factors make it challenging to give blanket advice to parents and carers.

Below is a set of guidelines that helps parents and carers understand the different TOG and additional classifications available at LOVE TO DREAM and their suitability across differing room temperatures:

  • 0.2 TOG - Ideal for WARM room temperatures between 75°F to 81°F
  • MODERATE - Ideal for MODERATE room temperatures between  68°F to 81°F (broader room temperature range than 0.2 TOG, more versatile product)
  • 1.0 TOG - Ideal for MODERATE room temperatures between 68°F to 75°F  
  • MILD - Ideal for MILD room temperatures between 64°F to 75°F (broader room temperature range than 1 TOG, more versatile product)
  • 2.5 TOG - Ideal for COOL room temperatures between 61°F to 68°F
  • 3.5 TOG - Ideal for COLD room temperatures below 61°F

        The table is only a guide. All babies are different. The number of clothing layers may vary according to a baby’s health, their physiology, and the room temperature in the room. The caregiver must determine what is suitable. We recommend that carers always monitor the temperature of the room & the child’s comfort. It is important to check your baby regularly to ensure that they are comfortable and that they do not overheat.

        The table below provides with guidelines around how to dress your baby/toddler based on the room temperature
        Swaddle Up™ Original 1.0 TOG-TOG Guide
        • Remove all packaging before giving the toy to a child. 
        • Never place the toy in your child’s cot, bassinet, or pram before sleep.   
        • Always use the toy under adult supervision. Never leave your child unattended with the toy. 
        • Dispose of the toy immediately if the filling can be removed. 
        • If your child gets the filling in their mouth, remove immediately. If your child swallows the filling, seek medical assistance.  
        • Always follow the care instructions provided. 

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