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Dressing your baby for sleep this summer

Wondering how to dress your bub now that the weather is warming up?

Don’t worry – you’re not the only one! Read on below for some tips on keeping your little one comfortable as the temperature climbs.

We're now at the point in the year where the majority of our weather is made up of beautiful, sunny days. However even though the days are nice and warm, overnight temperatures (especially between 4-6am) can drop, so how do you dress your little one so they’re comfortable all night long? Love To Dream™ have a selection of garments that have been designed specifically for these seasons, and we hope that we’re able to help you choose the best sleepwear for your bub.

The most important thing to remember about dressing your little one, regardless of the season, is to go by the temperature in their room, not the temperature outside. We all know that the temp outside doesn’t necessarily dictate what the climate is going to be like inside (as anybody who has worked in an icy cold office in the middle of summer would know!). 

On especially warm days, you’re going to want to dress your little one in a cool, breathable fabric to ensure they don’t overheat. As we all know, a hot child is a fussy child, and a fussy child is one that doesn’t sleep. To avoid having to peel yourself out of bed at night to soothe a sweaty, grumpy bub, try dressing them in one of our 0.2 TOG garments to keep them cool through their sleep time.

Our Summer 0.2 TOG garments are available across our whole range; so whether you have a little one or a not-so-little one, we’ve got something to suit you. They come in a variety of vibrant designs and colours, so you have a wide selection to choose from when dressing your little one. 

Want to know more about the great features of our Swaddle Up™ Lite 0.2 TOG products? Check out our full range of summer sleeping solutions.

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