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We know that many parents and carers can find dressing their baby for the right temperature confusing. We agree, it’s not simple and there are a host of factors that influence this decision, making it challenging to give blanket advice to parents and carers.

Every baby feels hot and cold differently to another, ambient temperatures fluctuate, and different clothing and sleepwear layer combinations will differ in their thermal effectiveness. We’ve listened and that’s why we’re working towards helping to simplify dressing your baby for the right temperature.

Garments can be given a TOG rating according to the warmth they provide. The higher the TOG, the warmer the product. TOG stands for ‘Thermal Overall Grade’, which is a unit of measurement used to calculate the thermal insulation of a product, usually in the textile industry. The majority of our products currently feature a TOG rating, but not all.

We believe the simplest way to make sure your baby is suitably dressed is to dress for ROOM TEMPERATURE. Therefore, as well as featuring TOG we are also highlighting room temperature associating this with MILD and MODERATE.

Below is a set of guidelines that helps parents and carers understand the different TOG and additional classifications available at LOVE TO DREAM and their suitability across differing room temperatures:

  • 0.2 TOG - Ideal for WARM room temperatures between 24°C to 27°C
  • MODERATE - Ideal for MODERATE room temperatures between 20°C to 24°C (broader room temperature range than 0.2 TOG, more versatile product)
  • 1.0 TOG - Ideal for MODERATE room temperatures between 20°C to 24°C
  • MILD - Ideal for MILD room temperatures between 18°C to 24°C (broader room temperature range than 1 TOG, more versatile product)
  • 2.5 TOG - Ideal for COOL room temperatures between 16°C to 20°C
  • 3.5 TOG - Ideal for COLD room temperatures below 16°C

The table below provides guidelines around how to dress your baby/toddler based on the room temperature. The table is only a guide. All babies are different. The number of clothing layers may vary according to a baby’s health, their physiology & the temperature in the room. The care-giver must determine what is suitable. It is important to check your baby regularly to ensure that they are comfortable and that they do not overheat.

Please refer to guideline table below

Swaddle Up Original Cotton-TOG Guide