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How To Keep Your Baby’s Room Cool In Summer & Hot Weather

As a parent, you know there’s one thing longer than the days - it’s the sleepless nights. Making sure your little one gets enough sleep enables you to, too, so keeping your baby’s room cool in summer is a must.

Below, discover our top tips on how to keep your child comfortable in summer, from how to dress your child for sleep to easy ways to keep the room cool. 


Reasons why your baby’s sleep may be disrupted in the warmer months  

Establishing a baby bedtime routine is an integral part of your child’s development. During the hot summer months, however, things can be more challenging.. If your baby’s room is too hot in summer, it can affect the whole family.  

Your child’s summer night’s sleep can be disrupted, because:   

  • They’re thirsty: In the summer heat, it’s very easy for your little one to dehydrate.  

  • They’re too hot: An elevated room temperature could be stopping them from falling - and staying - asleep.    

  • They’re disturbed: Mosquitoes, bugs, and summer evening noises could be waking them up.   

  • Their room is too cold: Yes, this really happens! Temperatures can change - and sometimes quickly! - from day to day, night to night, and hour to hour, during summer.   

  • They’re uncomfortable: Uncomfortable clothing could lead to sleep disturbances.   

  • Their sleepwear doesn’t work for summer: What your child wears when they go to bed during the summer months is important.  


Tips on how to keep your baby’s room cool in summer  

How do you keep your baby’s room cool at night? Heat in summer is unavoidable, however, there are a few ways to help keep your baby and their environment as cool as possible. From bathing, to hydration, clothing, ventilation, equipment for the nursery and more.   

1. Give them a lukewarm bath    

In the hot summer months, a lukewarm bath is a great way to help cool your baby down before bedtime. The Raising Children's Network recommends the water temperature is between is 37-38°C.  Check the water is comfortable with your elbow. 


2. Keep your baby hydrated   

In terms of how to keep a baby cool in hot weather at night, hydration is crucial. In the summer months, it is very common for your baby to perspire more and lose body fluids quicker than usual. To avoid dehydration and to help your baby sleep more soundly through the night, make sure they have consumed enough liquids throughout the day, whether that be breast milk, formula, or water, depending on their age. Hydration is key when it comes to getting through those hot nights.   


3. Dress your baby right   

The same way adults dress accordingly for the weather, babies also need to be wearing summer-appropriate clothing, particularly at bedtime. Finding a versatile sleep getup that caters for varying temperatures, like premium organic cotton sleepwear, is a must in summer and will help your little one one to sleep on hot nights. For new parents navigating their first summer with a child, discover our handy guides below.


4. Close all blinds and curtains   

To add an extra layer of coolness to the room, keep curtains and blinds closed during the daytime. This will prevent the sun from heating up the nursery and help maintain a comfortable temperature for the evening when you put your baby down to rest.   


5. Ensure the baby’s room is well-ventilated   

Ventilation is crucial for keeping your baby’s sleep environment cool in summer and helping them to sleep comfortably. When the weather allows, open windows or use fans to circulate air. Adequate airflow can prevent the room from becoming stuffy and uncomfortable.   


6. Invest in a fan

Banish the buzz of the outside world by installing an electric fan in your child's nursery. Installing an electric fan can help create a more comfortable sleeping environment for your little bub one.  

The gentle breeze from the fan can aid in temperature regulation and white noise can provide a soothing background for your baby. 

Important: You must position the fan away from your baby to avoid direct airflow. This is crucial for the safety of your child. Visit our safe sleep guidelines for further advice on how to create a safe sleep space for your little one. 


7. Purchase a baby monitor with a built-in thermometer   

A baby monitor with a built-in thermometer is a handy tool for keeping track of the nursery's temperature. Maintaining the ideal sleeping temperature for your baby is crucial, and these monitors can help you ensure the room is within a safe and comfortable range.   


Your Summer Questions Answered   

Now that you're armed with tips to keep your baby cool during the summer, let's address some common questions parents often have about their baby's sleep in hot weather.  

How do I know if my baby is too hot while sleeping?   

If your baby is too hot, they may feel warm to the touch, have flushed skin, be sweating excessively, or appear restless and uncomfortable. To ensure your baby is at a comfortable temperature, dress them in lightweight clothing and monitor the room temperature throughout the night. Check out our summer swaddles and sleepwear designed specifically for hotter months.   

What temperature is too hot for a baby to sleep?   

For babies, a room temperature between 20°C and 22°C is considered ideal. Temperatures above this range can make it uncomfortable for your baby to sleep, increasing the risk of overheating.  Visit Red Nose Australia for further safe sleep guidelines. 

Can a baby overheat in a hot room?   

Babies can overheat in a hot room, which can be dangerous. Overheating can lead to dehydration and increased risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). It's essential to monitor the room temperature and ensure your baby's sleep environment remains comfortably cool all night. Invest in some breathable, lightweight sleep bags and suits in order to keep your baby comfortable.   

How do I know if the nursery is too hot for my baby?   

Keep an eye on the room's temperature with a thermometer and be attentive to your baby's comfort. If they appear sweaty, fussy, or have difficulty settling down, it may be too warm in the nursery.  


How can I keep my baby cool during naps or when travelling?   

When napping or travelling with your baby during hot days, apply the same principles: dress them in breathable clothing, provide shade if outdoors, and ensure proper ventilation. If in a car, use air conditioning or keep windows open for a steady flow of fresh air.  

Check out our Swaddle Up™ Lite clothing guide below, perfect for summer!

summer clothing chart for swaddle


At Love To Dream™, we know that every child is different, and we’re committed to helping you to find the right solution for your family. With you at every step, Love To Dream™ believes today’s little dreamers are the shapers of tomorrow. For further advice from our experts, visit our Sleep Library.