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Sleep Library

Welcome To Love To Dream's Sleep Library designed to give you the knowledge and tools you need to help your baby enjoy a better sleep, brighter dreams and a better world. 

Every day there’s something new to experience in this world that we call the ‘great parenting adventure’. There’s the joy and little wins and then there are the ‘trials and errors’ that remind us we are only human and trying our best. No matter what the journey of parenting may look like for each of us, we all dream of being great parents, and starting our kids off with the essential building blocks for life.

Explore the areas below to help your little one dream big, grow and develop to who they were meant to be so they can shape their world of tomorrow. 



Why sleep is important for my child's growth and development

The first few years of your child’s life are fundamental to their development, and sleep is a critical time for your child to learn and grow. Their everyday experiences are processed during sleep which contributes to the development of primary functions such as: language acquisition, cognitive processing, and emotional regulation. A lifetime of better sleep starts with us.