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Only The Best For Your Bub: Premium Organic Cotton Sleepwear


It’s time to snuggle up with premium organic cotton sleepwear, from Love To Dream


Better Sleep, All Year Round

Every parent knows their child deserves the best possible sleep. At Love To Dream, we know what really makes the snooze so sweet is the soft, cosy feel of premium organic cotton. We also know you might battle to find the right sleepwear for the season. Depending upon the time of year, temperatures can range from warm, to mild, to chilly, all in one night! That’s why our premium organic cotton sleepwear range is now available in options all year round.

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For every naptime and bedtime

Love To Dream offers organic cotton sleepwear that’s designed to keep your little ones cosy, every naptime and bedtime. Make your dreams of the perfect Spring or Summer snooze a reality with our ultra-light organic cotton fabric. The luxuriously soft and breathable upper chest is great for hot Summer evenings, while the quilted bottom is perfect for those in-between Spring months. For Autumn and Winter, our organic premium sleepwear range steps up the snuggle by blending all the benefits of organic cotton with the soft, cosy warmth of Australian Merino Wool.

No matter the season, the premium feel of organic cotton is perfect for little ones with sensitive skin, as it is free from irritants. The durability of organic cotton products means they will withstand even the wriggliest of toddlers - which means this sleepwear range can be handed down to younger siblings when your little one outgrows them. Plus, environmentally-conscious parents can rest easy, as organic cotton is environmentally friendly and responsibly sourced.


Premium sleepwear for babies and big kids on the move

Our Love To Dream premium organic cotton sleepwear range includes the Sleep Suits and Sleep Bags your babies and big kids simply adore. This new organic cotton range has been designed for maximum comfort and minimal fuss. Perfect for children aged 6 months to 4 years old, the entire Love To Dream premium organic cotton sleepwear range features:

  • Soft, cosy, and durable organic cotton for supreme comfort
  • A twin zipper, which makes dressing and changing nappies a breeze
  • A light upper chest for comfort and breathability
  • A fleecy, snuggly upper section and quilted bottom section in the Winter range
  • A light and naturally breathable design across the Summer range


Sleepwear for every season

With options that are perfect for seasons all year round, you and your little one can enjoy the benefits of super soft, premium organic cotton no matter the season. Our Summer organic cotton sleepwear is available in Lite fabric, which is perfect for temperatures over 24C. Our Moderate and Mild rated sleepwear is made for Spring & Autumn, and is designed for comfort in those in-between temperatures of 18C - 24C. When the cooler part of Autumn rolls around, the Warm organic cotton sleepwear blended with Australian Merino Wool will keep your baby cosy and comfortable in temperatures of 16C - 20C. And the chillier Winter nights 16C and under are made all the more snuggly with our Extra Warm sleepwear, which also blends organic cotton with ethically sourced merino wool.


Sleep bag sweetness

The Love To Dream Sleep Bag with Organic Cotton and is a premium wearable blanket. There’s no need for loose blankets or extra layers on top of your little one while they’re in their cot or bed. They’re perfect for kids who love a roomy blanket when they sleep, and you won’t have to worry about them kicking any covers off and waking up during the night.

The premium Love To Dream Sleep Bag features:

  • A sleeveless design option for Summer, short sleeves for Spring, and long sleeves for added warmth during Autumn and Winter.
  • Twin zippers for easy peasy nappy changes.
  • A light and breathable upper chest in the Spring and Summer options, while the Winter sleepwear has a fleecy, snuggly upper section and quilted bottom section.
  • Extra soft and durable organic cotton across the entire range
  • Easy care, as the Love To Dream Sleep Bag is machine washable and tumble dryer friendly.


Cute sleep suits

The  Love To Dream Sleep Suit with Organic Cotton is perfect for kids who like to move around during their sleep. Unlike the Sleep Bag, the Sleep Suit has separate feet which can be covered for warmth during bedtime, or for safety when playing around the house thanks to the grip pads on the soles which help to reduce the risk of slipping.

The premium Love To Dream Sleep Suit features:

  • Individual sleeve designs across the range with each season in mind
  • Flip-up feet coverings, so it’s perfect for daytime play and night time snoozing.
  • Extra soft and durable organic cotton across the entire range
  • Snuggly soft pants to keep your wriggly worm warm this Winter or cool during Summer.
  • Built-in grip pads on the pants, to reduce the risk of slipping.
  • Easy care, as the Love To Dream Sleep Suit is machine washable and tumble dryer friendly.

Now that Love To Dream’s organic cotton sleepwear is available for every season, your little one can experience the soft, snuggly benefits of this natural, premium fabric all year round. Whether your child is more comfortable with the wearable blanket of  Love To Dreams’ Organic Cotton Sleep Bag, or your life is made easier thanks to the simple transition between sleep and play with Love To Dream’s Organic Cotton Sleep Suit, the perfect seasonal sleepwear can be yours.

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