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Intellectual Property

Innovation is our lifeblood, so we take our intellectual property very seriously.

Love To Dream’s products, product packaging, and the information, content, products displayed on, transmitted through, or used in connection with this Website, are protected by intellectual property rights owned or licensed by Love To Dream. These rights include registrations for copyrights, trade marks, patents, design patents, as well as common law right and other laws.

Innovation is our lifeblood - we will always protect our IP

Love To Dream is a market leader in designing innovative sleep systems for babies. Love To Dream ensures that our loyal customers, valued distributors, and retailers deal with and receive only the best quality products. Unfortunately, innovation can inspire copycats.

We are continually taking steps to protect our valuable intellectual property throughout the world.

Our intellectual property rights may be infringed by:

(a)   unauthorised making, selling, offering to sell, importing or distributing of our products;

(b)   making, selling, offering to sell, importing or distributing a copy of any of our product(s), packaging, labels or designs;

(c)   unauthorised use of our branding, including our name, our logo, our tag line(s), our product name(s) and packaging, or other elements of our branding;

(d)   use of a substantially identical or deceptively similar brand name, logo, tag line(s), product name(s) or packaging, or other element of branding, whether used for baby or nursery accessory products or services, or other goods or services;

(e)   registering or using a substantially identical or deceptively similar domain name or retail name to our name or displaying substantially identical or deceptively similar branding to ours (whether online or physical); or

(f)    offering substantially identical or deceptively similar goods or services to those offered by us;

each of the above subject to additional rights and modification as directed by the law of individual countries.

Beware of imitations, even if they are sold under a brand different from our brands, such as LOVE TO DREAM, SWADDLE UP.  A fuller list is below.

Love To Dream reserves all of its IP rights. Content and information cannot be modified, reproduced, re-transmitted, communicated, distributed, disseminated, sold, published, or otherwise circulated without Love To Dream’s express written permission.

If you have questions about our intellectual property, seek permission to use our intellectual property, or become aware of improper use of our intellectual property please contact us immediately.

Love To Dream Intellectual Property

The Love To Dream group of companies, including Little Beings Holdings Pty Ltd, have and cross-license IP rights to protect its products and its customers in various countries around the world.  The list below is intended to satisfy applicable virtual patent marking requirement in various jurisdictions, including those of the America Invents Act, to provide notice under 35 U.S.C. §287(a).  The following list of products and patents may not be all inclusive.  This webpage is updated from time to time to reflect changes in IP rights and introduction of new products.

Utility patents: The Stage 1 SWADDLE UP™ products and Stage 2 transition bag and transition suit product lines are protected by utility patents, including U.S. Patent Nos. 9,179,711, 11,357,268, 11,395,517, Australian Patent No. 2010212430, European Unitary Patent No. E25876 and corresponding patents in the U.K. E25876GBA, Ireland E25876IEA, Poland E25876PLA, Spain E25876ESA, Switzerland and Liechtenstein E25876CHA, as well as pending utility patent applications.

Design patents: The Stage 1 SWADDLE UP™ products have protection from design patents and design rights, including Chinese Design No. ZL201630114830.7, Japanese Design No. 1591469, South Korean Design Nos. 300879806 and 300879806, and Taiwanese Design Nos. D178954 and D181544.  The Stage 2 SWADDLE UPTM transition suit and the Stage 3 sleep suit product lines have protection from design patents and design rights, including Australia Design Nos. 201711182 and 201910361, Canadian Design Nos. 176589 and 188580, Chinese Design Nos. ZL2017303995336, ZL2019303556501and ZL201930730115X, E.U. Design Nos. 004164242-0001 and 004164242-0002, Japanese Design No. 1595984, South Korean Design Nos. 300952669, 300952670, and 301040129, Taiwanese Design No. D191915, U.K. Design Nos. 90041642420001, 90041642420001, and 6064902, and U.S. Design Nos. D901131, D964694, and D990823, as well as pending design patent applications

Trade marks and copyrights:  All of our products are protected by various Love To Dream trade marks and copyrights reflecting our branding, brand names, logos, tag lines, distinctive colour scheme, distinctive shapes, packaging, product descriptions, and photos.


Love To Dream uses at least the following trade marks:



IP logo

Trade mark law considers websites to be services, and domain names may also infringe both registered and unregistered trade mark rights. Copyright laws protect literary and artistic works, including our website content, our logos, our product photographs and descriptions, our packaging and information leaflets, our product fabric designs, and more.

Infringement of Love To Dream IP

Love To Dream may take legal action against ANY trader who infringes Love To Dream patents, designs, trade marks, logos, titles/names, or copyrighted artwork, text, or photos. As part of its enforcement strategies, Love To Dream may seeks a range of remedies including undertakings, delivery up / destruction of infringing stock, accounting of profits, damages, and injunctions.

In May 2019, Love To Dream brought a patent infringement lawsuit against Halo Innovations, Inc. in a U.S. federal court in Minnesota. Love To Dream alleged in its complaint that Halo’s SleepSack Self-Soothing Swaddle product infringed Love To Dream’s U.S. Patent No. 9,179,711. The parties agreed to settle the patent infringement lawsuit brought by Love To Dream on a confidential basis and out of court. As part of this settlement, Halo acknowledged that the ’711 Patent is valid and enforceable. Also, as part of the settlement, Love to Dream agreed that, while Halo must immediately cease and desist the sale of the Accused Product, Halo’s retailers may sell their remaining inventory of the Accused Product.

Love To Dream brought patent infringement lawsuits against Nested Bean in U.S. federal court in Boston. Love To Dream and Nested Bean have agreed to settle their patent disputes on a confidential basis and out of court.

Love To Dream also has successfully stopped and received compensation from businesses MIZZLE Pty Ltd (Tasmania) & Yoheved Edri trading as BONDI BOOTI (Sydney) from selling swaddle products on the basis that they infringe Love To Dream's registered patent rights. These products were sold under their own brands MIZZLE & BONDI BOOTI. 

Love To Dream has successfully enforced its IP in many countries around the world and will continue to do so to protect its rights and its customers.

Help Us

If you see anything that you feel may infringe our patents, designs, trade marks, or copyrights, please alert us via our Help Centre or call us on Phone: +61 2 5839 5858.

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