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Why You'll Love Our New Romper & PJ Collection

Whether you love our award-winning breathable fabrics, innovative designs, or simply can’t go past a cute print, there are plenty of reasons to fall in love with our new Romper and PJ Collection.  

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Looking for a great deal on Love To Dream™ award-winning range of baby sleepwear? Shop here to find our latest discounts on our premium range of sleepwear for your little one.

Clothing Guide


Our aim at Love To Dream™ is to empower parents to choose the right products from our range that best suit their children’s needs. Every baby feels hot and cold differently to another, ambient temperatures fluctuate, and different clothing and sleepwear layer combinations will differ in their thermal effectiveness. We have created a temperature-based rating across 5 key categories to support parents and carers in choosing the right garment/s.