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Partnership with Tiny Hearts Education

Announcing our partnership with Tiny Hearts Education

Feeling prepared for the arrival of your baby is so important, and we hope our newest partnership with Tiny Hearts Education brings you back that lifeline of support you might have been missing.

The world might be a different place right now, but your need for support as an expectant parent hasn't changed. In fact, you probably need it now more than ever - and that's just one of the reasons we've chosen to partner with Tiny Hearts & bring you their Bump, Birth & Beyond birthing course.

The ever lovely founder of Tiny Hearts, Nikki, truly believes in the ingenuity of the Swaddle Up™ - in fact she used them for both her bubs. Like most mums, Nikki found the way of traditional swaddling a bit of a struggle, and the Swaddle Up™ alleviates all that time spent trying to wrangle your little one into a traditional wrap. That's why every parent who books into a Bump, Birth & Beyond course with Tiny Hearts will receive a Grey Swaddle Up™ in Newborn size (as well as loads of other goodies!). Click the link below to book now, and don't forget your exclusive discount code found in our newsletter!

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