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Love To Dream Supporting The Pink Elephants Support Network


We are proud to announce our new partnership with ‘The Pink Elephants Support Network’; a beautiful charity created to support women through early miscarriage, pregnancy loss and beyond. Pink Elephants help women through their grief, nurture them as they heal and empower them as they move into the future.

Pink Elephants

Pink Elephants started with a coffee, when the founders experienced an early miscarriage themselves and realised there was an unmet need in the community to support women going through this. Women needed and deserved more.

Pregnancy Loss


Early miscarriage is much more common than most people realise. The chances are that either you or someone you know has experienced this heartbreak and loss.

For women going through it, it’s important to have their loss validated; that those around them understand their pain and don’t try to dismiss it or diminish their feelings. For those who are around someone who has suffered a loss, it can be hard to know what to say to convey how sorry you are and show that their loss mattered.

That’s why Pink Elephants created ‘Coffee for a Cause’, to encourage anyone who has been touched by miscarriage or early pregnancy loss, either personally or through a friend, relative or colleague, to show that #miscarriagematters by holding a ‘Coffee for a Cause’ fundraiser.

‘Coffee For a Cause’ is a wonderful way to support your community and show your support for women who are experiencing or who have experienced miscarriage and pregnancy loss and raise vital funds for this wonderful charity who are supporting so many women in need.

So please join the Love To Dream™ team by holding a ‘Coffee for a Cause’ by following these simple steps:

  1. Go to the ‘Coffee for a Cause’ page and fill out the registration form.
  2. Once you are registered you will be sent a link to your downloadable fundraiser pack.
  3. Set a date and invite your friends, family or colleagues.
  4. Provide coffee, cake and nibbles in return for donations.
  5. After your event finishes, donate all the money raised to  Pink Elephants.

Good luck