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A lack of sleep can affect some parents before the birth of their child; with the final months or pregnancy causing restlessness, discomfort and multiple night time wake-ups. So, it's important to establish consistent sleep foundations and a sleep routine right from the start, to prevent further sleep issues.

SWADDLE UP™ can be used from birth to enable you and your baby to achieve a better night's sleep FROM DAY ONE™. If your baby doesn't like traditional wrapping or arms down swaddles, try SWADDLE UP™ for better, longer sleep. 

Reasons why SWADDLE UP™ is LOVED by parents globally:

    1. SWADDLE UP™ allows babies to sleep in their natural arms UP position so they can self-soothe by touching their face and sucking on their hands, just like they did in the womb.
    2. SWADDLE UP™ is snug around the torso to provide a secure feeling and help comfort your baby.
    3. Swaddle in seconds; versus traditional blanket swaddles which loosen during the night & wake your baby.
    4. Baby stays swaddled all night long - no need to re-wrap multiple times.
    5. The double zipper allows you to quickly change your baby's diaper without waking them.  

    So pack some of our Newborn SWADDLE UP™ swaddles in your hospital bag so you're prepared FROM DAY ONE™.