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We bought the SWADDLE UP 50/50 when our son was 3 months as he was wriggling out of his wraps and waking himself up and was starting to roll. It was an easy transition of only a day or so and was perfect as he much preferred his arms up so he could suck his fingers. It was great being able to start with one arm out before moving to 2 and we felt much better knowing the wrap wouldn't end up over his face and there was no risk of suffocating when he rolled as his arms were right there!


Grow to love sleep

Transitioning from swaddling is easy with the SWADDLE UP 50/50™. Just zip off one wing allowing one arm to be free and the other swaddled. A few nights later, simply zip off the other wing allowing both arms to be free - avoiding any disruption to their sleep routine.


As your baby continues to grow...

Eventually, your baby will reach a stage at which he or she no longer needs to be swaddled, but a healthy night's sleep will never become any less of a priority for parent and baby alike. Welcome to 'Stage 3'. Our solution is our Sleep Bag and Sleep Suit range that is designed to keep your baby secure and comfortable while preserving the sleeping behaviour developed throughout stages 1 & 2.

Stage 3: Independent Sleep
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