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Additional Temperature & Dressing Guidelines

  • Every baby and child’s physiology is different: some babies naturally run warmer and may need fewer layers, while others run cooler and may need more layers.
  • The layers shown in our Clothing & Temperature Guide are suggestions and ultimately, the parent or carer needs to assess the individual needs of their baby and decide on the garment TOG weight and number of clothing layers, based on the temperature of their sleep environment. It’s important to note though that covering a baby’s head during sleep time can also lead to overheating so this should be avoided.
  • To decide if the number of clothing layers is correct it is helpful to learn the signs of whether your baby is too warm or too cold.
  • Signs your child could be too warm and therefore you may need to remove a layer/s of clothing or decrease the room temperature include:

- Your child has a red face and cheeks

- Your child is sweating

- Your child has a rapid heart rate and/or rapid breathing

  • Signs your child could be too cold and therefore you may need to increase a layer/s of clothing or increase the room temperature include:

- Your child’s chest or tummy are cool to touch

- Your child is waking frequently through the night or during naps and all other factors (soiled/wet nappy, feed times have been considered)

- Your child is waking frequently early in the morning e.g. between 3-5am

  • According to various safe sleep guidelines, it’s important that you provide your baby with their own safe sleep space, which includes placing your baby to sleep on their back, without any additional bedding including blankets, pillows, crib/cot bumpers, comforters etc. to your baby or toddler’s crib/cot or bassinet.
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